Friday, 27 February 2015

The Cat Lady Life

The cat lady finally got a cat, meet Luna my 8 week old Russian Blue kitten! It's no secret to anyone that has ever met me that I love cats. I remember going on a date once and the guy said "Oh you like cats?" and I was thinking to myself, how the hell did he know?.... Little did I realise I had forgotten that I was wearing a dress with a cat on it *face palms*!

My poor boyfriend Conrad hasn't heard me stop talking about how much I wanted a cat since the day we met and we frequently visited pet shops to see the cute kitties. Last time we went to our local pet shop I asked if they had any pure breed cats coming in and to our surprise they said they had some Russian Blue Kitten coming in the next week! I said to myself that I wasn't going to go see them because I just knew that I would get attached to one and want to take it home with me. That's exactly what happened! Conrad was silly enough to ask me if I wanted one for Valentines Day and you could probably guess my answer!

There were five gorgeous kittens to choose from but one little girl stole my heart and before we knew it we were taking her home in a box and somehow we had a cat! Even though we haven't had her long she has completely warmed up our lives and even made a non-cat person *Conrad* completely fall in love. I'm a little worried that she's crossed by a greyhound and a monkey though! I'm also not going to lie, when she looks at me with that beautiful face my heart melts!

 I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day xo


Sunday, 22 February 2015

The New Additions

These are just a few recent purchases and there's no hiding that I love a spot of shopping!

Clear Acrylic Makeup Drawers- Linked similar -Ebay-
This was one of those late night impulse internet purchases! I am a self confessed makeup collector and what collector wouldn't want their prized possessions kept organised and on display?! It makes it a breeze to get to products as they are easy to see! Anything that helps a messy girl stay organised is awesome!

La Roche Posay Serozinc
This is without a doubt a blogger made me do it purchase and there will definitely be a review coming your way!

Benefit Gimme Brow
Another purchase due to the interwebs! It is seriously the quickest brow you could possibly do and is perfect for those lazy days which for me is everyday!

Rose Gold iPhone Case- Linked similar -Sportsgirl-
This is because of Hello October and her gorgeous phone case she's always sporting in her videos! When I saw one similar in Sportsgirl it just had to come home with me. I'm sure you all know Suzie because she's amazing, but just in case I will link her blog -here-

Stardust Bracelet in Grey -Swarovski-
When I'm not blogging I'm working at Swarovski and I can personally tell you it's far too dangerous for my bank account to be working there. Pretty much each week I walk away with some new Swarovski bling and a dent in my pay check! There was no way I could pass up this bracelet... I'm a Magpie I know!

Origins Make A Difference Plus + Rejuvenating Moisturiser
I'm currently obsessed with this moisturiser!! I've been a GinZing fan for the longest time but my skin has changed a lot recently and has become less of an oil slick. I was looking for a new moisturiser with a bit more, well.... moisture! There wasn't much doubt that I was going to fall in love with the Make A Difference Plus + Moisturiser and I was correct. If you would like to see a review just let me know because I would happily babble on about how much a love this moisturiser! It was seriously love at first slather!

YSL Toche Eclat Radient Touch Concealer in Shade 1
This was a luxurious purchase but I'de heard a lot of great things about it and just had to give it a whirl. The packaging is gorgeous in gold and the product is gold too! My only complaint is my poor wallet! A pricey but worth while purchase.


Monday, 16 February 2015

The Review: Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque

The Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque is without doubt a favourite in the blogosphere and was definitely high on my lust list. I have been using this consistently for the past month, soo much so it's given all my other masks a serious holiday as I've hardly touched them! So I thought it was about time to confess my product passion.

I use it twice a week to draw out all the little nasties in my pores and give my skin a much needed detox. This makes my complexion look alot clearer it feel baby soft. Going into my 20's I found my skin has normalised but I still get a few breakouts here and there. My skin is no longer an oil slick and the major thing I look for in products now is something that won't be over-drying. I have found a lot of clay masks to be far too harsh and drying on my skin but this mask is good for slightly dryer skin and I personally don't get that tight feeling after using it *winning*.

When I looked at the ingredients, I was pleasantly surprised as there were a lot of goodies inside this humble mask! It contains Kaolin Clay which reduces oil production, increase circulation and works to cleanse the skin of toxins. It also contains Oils such as Evening Primrose Oil that helps itchiness/ sensitivity and it contains Parsley Seed Oil which is rich in antioxidants, is antiseptic, fights free radicals and is anti-immflamatory. Pretty impressive huh?!

The mask it's self is thinner than most masks and I find a little goes a long way. It dries fairly quickly and you can see all the oil that it's drawn out and it's not a pretty sight but you can see it's done it's magic! It's also a breeze to wash off, a little water and it literally melts off your face. Perfect for those lazy nights where I can't imagine anything worst than sitting there rubbing and washing my face multiple times to get a face mask off *which is most nights*.

I think this will become a forever repurchased product and has definitely become a staple in my skincare routine. I can understand why it's raved about by copious amounts of bloggers and why there is a lot of hype around this mask. I personally think it seriously is the mother of all masks and I may be The Aesop Parsley Seed Cleaning Masque's biggest fan!


Sunday, 15 February 2015

Walking with the Giants

Last weekend The Giants came to Perth, Australia and walked the streets of the city as part of the Perth International Arts Festival. The event turned my whole city upside down with excitement to see what were essentially giant puppets. Literally everyone I knew was going so I decided that it would be a great way to spend my Saturday afternoon but little did I know that 1.4 million people had the same bright idea!

The trains were packed to the point that when we stopped at stations no one could fit on, there were tremendously long lines for train tickets, traffic in the city was havoc, the city pathways were filled with people and not to forget that I'm a small human being and spent the entire train journey under multiple armpits. Crowds terrify and frustrate me but I must admit it was quite a sight to see people of all ages come together for one event.

I did my exercise for the entire year with all the walking I did, I also got a free blow out from the wind and almost lost my hat far too many times but I finally arrived to a sea of people and one big giant snoozing. I waited with the thousands of people in anticipation for the giant to awaken. As the music built up with suspense and slowly got faster and faster it was easy to see that this puppet had captivated the entire audience.

When it finally awoke the entire crowd cheered and I found myself cheering too! It was amazing to see the performers pulling the ropes in synchronisation to manoeuvre the five story high giant puppet. The amount of skill and physical effort to move this puppet definitely made my walk to get there seem like a walk the the park.

The Giant walked down the streets as we followed it's journey. Somehow it was easy to forget that it was just a puppet and not a real giant! This was such a great experience and it was worth all of the waiting in lines, walking, being squashed on the train and the dreadful way back home on the train again. I had one of the best Saturdays in a long time!


Friday, 13 February 2015

When Life gives you Lemons

Last Sunday I went to the markets and can came back with a whole tray of lemons simply because they were cheap. I got home and I just thought to myself what the hell am I going to do with all these lemons *face palms*? They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade but I think I had my mind set on popping open the Gin! One thing I do love is to use lemons on my skin and that's exactly what I did... I also put some on my fish and chips too! Okay you are now thinking "what is this crazy women on about?", well believe it or not lemons are great for making hyper pigmentation left from nasty spots disappear and to even out your skin tone.

The reason why it works is the citric acid in lemons that basically eats away that old, dull skin and exfoliates to reveal new brighter skin.  Not only do lemons help get rid of pigmentation but they are anti-bacterial which helps to heal acne. So there was no need for me to throw away those lemons after all!

I firstly made an awesome exfoliating mask! I just squeezed a little bit of lemon into a small bowl, added a tablespoon of honey and threw in a dollop of greek yoghurt. I still had quite a few lemons left so I made a dark spot treatment and for that just I squeezed a bit of lemon into a bowl, added equal parts water, grabbed a cotton round and swiped over my troublesome areas. If you decide to do this  yourself make sure you don't use it on an every day basis as it will over dry your skin and also don't use it straight because the humble lemon does pack a punch *see what I did there!*.

There was a deeper reason why I decided to write this post, I didn't just want to talk about me trying to use up a whole tray of lemons. The lemons strung a chord with my life and what I've been through and I wanted to give a bit of encouragement to everyone that may be going through a difficult time.  I have been quite sick for a long time and recently have been in and out of hospital. You could definitely say that life has been handing me it's fair share of lemons. But I believe the same principal goes, when life gives you lemons... you make lemonade! Be thankful for what you do have, make the best of what you got and enjoy the people around you. Sometimes you have to make your own light at the end of the tunnel. So whether you are going through a bit of a rough patch in life, with your skin or you just have too many lemons, I hope I helped!


Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Lifestyle Post: Jamie's Italian

I've been wanting to go to Jamie's Italian in Perth since it opened and last Sunday I decided it just had to happen. I love Jamie and I love Italian, what more can I say?! I can't even explain my excitement when I walked through the doors of the busy and buzzing restaurant for dinner!

I'm a pretty indecisive person as it is but try giving me a whole menu of Italian food... I just wanted to eat it all! The waiter literally had to come back three times and poor starving Conrad had to wait for me to order! After much consideration I decided to go for the Sausage Pappardelle which was described as a revved up Spaghetti and boy they were correct. I am still lusting over it and dreaming of a never-ending bowl so I can eat the meal over and over again!

The atmosphere was loud and seemed to create the perfect classic Italian environment. The interior had this warehouse funky look which would have any hipsters approval but unlike a warehouse it had a warm feel of friendly staff and happy people enjoying great food. Conrad and I enjoyed our meal as we sipped on yummy cocktails. Definitely a great end to the week! 

Jamie's Italian got two big thumbs up from Conrad and I and we really enjoyed the whole experience. All I can say is yum, yum as I rub my belly contently just with the thought of that pasta!


Monday, 9 February 2015

The Review: Hydraluron Moisture Jelly

This is one of those "a blogger made me do it," purchases! It seems everyone and their cat are raving about Hydraluron. So I picked up the Hydraluron Moisture Jelly which is the moisturiser out of the range. I believe that there is a mask, serum and a moisturiser in the Hydraluron family. I just ran out of my everyday moisturiser so it gave me a pretty good excuse to give this baby a go!

So what's all the hype about? The moisturiser contains Hyaluronic Acid which is a genius ingredient that can hold 1000 times it's weight in water which makes this moisturiser extremely moisturising. This has quickly become my favourite moisturiser and has been added to my everyday skincare routine. My skin is an oil slick with a tendency to be very acne-prone and this works well to moisturise my skin without making my skin oily. It is fantastic for my sensitive skin and hasn't broken me out.

I give the packaging an A+ as it has a nifty push-top dispenser which not only pumps out the perfect amount to prevent wastage but it is very hygienic. It makes all my other moisturises almost seem medieval in having to actually unscrew the top and dip my hands into the product which in allows bacteria to grow. The product itself feels kind of bizarre and as the name suggests it has jelly-like consistency. It disappears incredibly quickly and it doesn't leave behind any tackiness whatsoever which makes it perfect to wear under makeup. It seriously leaves my skin feeling beautifully moisturised.

Overall I cannot fault this product at all! It is a tiny bit pricey but I believe it's definitely worth it and I don't mind spending money on products if they work. After researching the brand Indeed Labs -here- I fell in love with their brand principle. Indeed Labs aims to provide us with high-technology skincare that provide 'real' results at the most affordable price (they definitely have my vote!). I am very eager to try out the rest of the range and the Hydraluron Moisture Jelly is a winner in my books.


Sunday, 8 February 2015

20-Something Random Facts About Me

I thought this would be a good first post and a fun way for you to get to know me....
1. I have a fear of opening cans and I have to ask someone to open any canned food or drink. A very irrational fear I know!
2. I'm 5'4 and a relatively small person which means I'm always getting stuck under people armpits on the train.
3. Italian food is my weakness.
4. You can call me Sheldon Cooper off The Big Bang Theory because I don't get sarcasm.
5. I laugh when I get hurt. I was hit over the head with a golf club by accident (of course!) and any normal person would cry but instead I broke into uncontrollable laughter, I think everyone must have thought I had suffered some serious brain damage.
6. I can never finish a meal. Sadly I am a small person with a small stomach and no matter how good the feed is, I cannot push on to finish the plate. 
7. I’m from Perth, Australia.
8. I am black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  
9. I love boy's films, anything with action, killing and gore is my kind of movie.
10. One of my biggest pet peeves is bad manners. Call me old fashioned but where has the class gone?
11. If I could have any power I would have the ability to move things with my mind (don’t tell me you all haven’t tried it).
12. I can Lucid dream which is the ability to control my dreams. Lets just say I have a lot of dreams of having shopping sprees.
13. I worked at a Marketing Firm doing sales, social media marketing and events. I can honestly say I loved my job and I hope to go back to University and further my studies in Marketing.
14. I'm obsessed with olives to the point that I literally eat them like lollies.
15. I am extremely ticklish, if you tickle me I'm not responsible for your injuries!
16. I'm a black outfit enthusiast. All black errthang ;)
17. I had hair that pretty much touched my bottom and then I chopped it off and now I have hair regret.
18. I have been to 21 countries. I took the opportunity while I was young and had no commitments to go out and see the world. I can say it was the best decision that I ever made and I strongly advise everybody to do it! 
19. I had a pet Emu called Big Bird.                                                    
20. I'm kind of scared of the opposite sex and the thought of walking into a bar full of men terrifies me.
21. I am convinced that I am psychic even though I frequently lose my keys, forget where I parked the car and everything I need when doing the weekly grocery shop.  
22. My best friend actually hated me and used to tease me, then one day we just became friends and the rest is history.
23. I am always pretty content and I don’t get bored easily. This also makes me a very focussed person and I can sit down and happily doing the one thing for hours at a time. It made my Schooling years very easy and I remember my parents frequently telling me to take breaks when studying.
24. My hobbies include photography, skincare, shopping (shopping can be a hobby...right?), travel, cute cats and marketing.
I found it extremely difficult to come up with interesting facts about myself! Don't you hate it when you are in a job interview and you are asked the dreaded ice breaker question "tell me an interesting fact about yourself?"! It catches me every time, every single time!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my first post!